User Personas

Mood Board

During class, I created a Mood Board for a user persona. A mood board consists of multiple images or text which have been collected and placed onto a single board (or image) to outline the persona of a user. The images can include references to the users occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, family, etc.


User Personas

User Personas are very similar to a mood board, but instead of a collection of images, it is created to appear more like a profile with more detailed information. The User Personas and User Scenarios are created to justify the need and use of the design, but can also be used to judge and criticise to improve the design.
Below are two user personas I created for my design, both personas are devised to demonstrate the various uses of the app and its simplicity and effectiveness.
For more information on User Personas, view my last blog post here.


User Personas created using Xtensio.

User Scenarios

User Scenarios are a short narrative which build on the User Persona and demonstrate the use of the design.

Ethan Brown
Ethan has just returned home after completing his first hockey training session. Ethan enjoyed it, but wasn’t developing his skills as fast as the others kids, nor understanding the game rules very well. This frustrates Ethan, he wants to learn and develop faster and more efficiently to keep up with the other kids and impress them. Ethan gets his iPad and searches the internet to find websites which have training for beginner hockey players, but he doesn’t like that there isn’t much content on each site, so he searches the App Store. Ethan finds a free app called “Stick to It”, he browses through the App information/details. He notices that the app is free and looks easy to use, it also says “for ages 6+”. Ethan downloads the app and opens it.

Ethan reads the welcome pop-up before clicking on the hamburger icon (navigation) and selecting the “Player” category, then choosing the “Beginner” dropdown. Ethan finds himself looking at multiple exercises and drills which can help him sharpen his skills and impress his team mates and coach. He thinks some drills and exercises are very useful and fun because he can do them by himself or with other people – even his pet dog; so he taps on the star icon to add it to his favourites. Ethan also likes the diagrams which help him to visualise the movements and correct his feet and body. But Ethan still knows little of the game rules, so he opens the navigation panel and scrolls to find “Game Rules”, which provides him with an Introduction to the Game: Field Hockey. The summary covers all of the basic rules in written form and illustrations – which helps him identify areas and umpire signals.

Jayne Finn
Jayne leaves work late and heads straight to the hockey fields to coach her 3 hockey teams, consecutively. She has to coach her Under 13’s team, Under 18’s team and then Ladies B Grade team. Jayne is a great coach, but she has a reputation for not being fun or an enjoyable person to be around. Because Jayne wants to introduce new hockey drills for her teams and be creative and fun, she searches the app store for an app that is quick to download and use. Jayne downloads “Stick to It” and opens the app to begin recruiting new drills. She taps opens the navigation and selects the “Coaches” category, then looks at various drills from the “Intermediate” and “Advanced” sections of the dropdown. She can’t exactly find what she wants, so she goes onto the advanced search option and searches for key tags and categories such as, Intermediate, Advanced and Fun. Multiple results appear and Jayne looks at them, pleased, she taps on the icon routine icon, then “create new”, naming the routine “Under 13’s”. Jayne adds the drills to her new routine, then repeats for the other age groups and skill levels.

Jayne arrives at the hockey fields and gets the training equipment from the back of her car, she opens Stick to It and looks at the first drill in her Under 13’s routine, she scrolls to “Equipment” and sets up the drill using the equipment and instructions provided.

At the end of the night, once all of her teams have completed that day’s training, people thank Jayne for her impressive and fun drills. People approach Jayne and ask if she came up with the ideas herself, Jayne replies “No, actually. I’m not that creative. I used this new app on my phone.” Jayne then demonstrates the app to her fellow hockey community.


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