Week 6: User Scenarios

User Scenario; it’s a narrative or story around use of the design, based off a user persona (fictional character).


User Scenarios are the stories that the persona’s shape out. It demonstrates how the user will interact and behave with the design in a given environment and situation (the context), with a given goal. A different user persona can have a different or similar user scenario because the scenarios objective is to identify and highlight experiences of your design based off the variables of a persona.

User scenarios give you the opportunity to theoretically carry out the use of the design to identify and fix problems before they do become a problem. The persona of the user should be applied to the scenario, to cover different elements and functions.

The scenario should outline the design’s interface and behaviour, monitoring/ demonstrating how the user applies the design to its intended use. The behaviour and actions of the user should also be a key aspect of the scenario.
At the end of the scenario, it can be helpful to question and comment on the ideas that the scenario presents. Critiquing your scenario can bring new light to user behaviour or your design.


An important note to remember and consider when creating your user scenarios is that not all scenarios have to be a success. Failure gives you a visual representation of how, what, when, where and why the design went wrong. This allows you to trace back and fix the issue to ensure success the next time.

Click here or on the image below to view a video presentation to help you on your way to writing a solid user scenario.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.33.47 pm


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