User Personas

Mood Board During class, I created a Mood Board for a user persona. A mood board consists of multiple images or text which have been collected and placed onto a single board (or image) to outline the persona of a user. The images can include references to the users occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, family, etc. User […]

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How to Make Toast: Concept App

Using the concept works from a previous activity, the task is to further develop the website/app by adding colour, images and text to the diagram. I chose to develop an iPad/tablet app, demonstrating the “How to Make Toast” page, containing the wireframe, layout and touch points (indicated by the pink-purple circles).

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Making Toast Concept Site

Continuing with the use of How to Make Toast as the foundation of these exercises, I had to create a concept site and UI – diagrams only. The flow of the website is based around the making of toast, I even added a safety page, along with serving suggestions and recipes which the user may find […]

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Google: The World Wide Interaction

Google. We all know the name and what it can be used for. But what is Google when looked at from a perspective of interactive design? Google is one of the world’s largest and most frequently used interactive platforms, it was originally a search engine designed to assort the importance of individual pages using links to determine […]

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How to Make Toast

I was tasked with creating an 11 step procedure on How to Make Toast and increasing its effectiveness by demonstrating it through a flow chart. This procedure of how to make toast is easy to follow because it is designed in an layout which is easy to follow through the use of line, shape and […]

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