How to Make Toast: Concept App

Using the concept works from a previous activity, the task is to further develop the website/app by adding colour, images and text to the diagram. I chose to develop an iPad/tablet app, demonstrating the “How to Make Toast” page, containing the wireframe, layout and touch points (indicated by the pink-purple circles). Advertisements

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Week 2: Process and Context

Summary Exploring the context for use and the contexts of use. There are 8 phases in the interactive design process, parts 1 and 2 are featured in this blog post. Part 1: Design Process Overview Going from invention to presentation, the evolution of the idea to the final design is often sketched as a map-like […]

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Making Toast Concept Site

Continuing with the use of How to Make Toast as the foundation of these exercises, I had to create a concept site and UI – diagrams only. The flow of the website is based around the making of toast, I even added a safety page, along with serving suggestions and recipes which the user may find […]

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Google: The World Wide Interaction

Google. We all know the name and what it can be used for. But what is Google when looked at from a perspective of interactive design? Google is one of the world’s largest and most frequently used interactive platforms, it was originally a search engine designed to assort the importance of individual pages using links to determine […]

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Week 1: An Introduction to Interactive Design

Summary Interactive Design is a wide and complex field that creates experiences based off of many areas of research to establish a meaningful relationship between the user and the design/product. Winograd (1997) describes interactive design as “The design of spaces for human communication and interaction.” In other words, the relay of information through an experience. Interactive […]

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Introduction to Interactive Digital Media: What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design has many roles, all of which are only slightly different. Instructional  Design is primarily the responsibility of relaying information to an audience in a way that they can follow and understand. This is often done through flowcharts, diagrams, or procedures such as a recipe, or even a video. Origami Crane (Video) A basic […]

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